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The diagram shows a cross-section of a leaf. 1. Which label shows the waxy layer?
A, B or E

2. Which label shows the palisade cells?
B, C or D

3. Which label shows the spongy mesophyll cells?
B,C or D

4. Which label shows a stoma?
B, D or E
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Chemistry 1. What does an ionic bond involve?

A - Sharing electrons between atoms.
B - Moving electrons between atoms.
C - Forming free electrons.
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Pupils should be able to:
- identify cells as basic units of living organisms;
- identify cell parts;
- compare plant and animal cells;
- identify specialised cells
- relate cell structure to function
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For Examination in June/November 2011 – 2020
O Level Syllabus

Glossary of terms used in question papers in Science
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The table shows the main structures and associated organs of the human alimentary canal (or gut), and their functions.
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States of matter

The kinetic particle theory explains the properties of the different states of matter. The particles in solids, liquids and gases have different amounts of energy. They are arranged differently and move in different ways.
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